Forget Everything You Know About Healing Abnormal Anxiety

Because As of Right Now. . .

I'm Going to Show You the Right Way to Fix Your Anxiety Problem

Let’s get one thing straight. You can get rid of anxiety symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, and chronic insecurity – also known as ABNORMAL ANXIETY. What you need first though are the right tools. That’s exactly what I want to give you today.

Here’s the thing, feeling nervous sometimes is not abnormal, but thinking that anxiety is going to kill you – for real – is. Right now you’re probably wracked with anxiety symptoms, worry, and self-doubt. Maybe you’ve stopped doing things you enjoy, fear that you’re going to feel anxious forever, or even that you’re losing your mind.

There’s also a good chance that you visit your doctor too much, bug friends and family for reassurance, and search Google for answers only to find yet another thing to fear. I know this can happen because that’s exactly what happened to me.

Trust Me I Know

I lived with palpitations, panic attacks, and feelings of isolation for over 10 years. That is until I had enough. I armed myself with the right information, attitude, and outlook. I gave MYSELF the vision, intent, and means to eliminate abnormal anxiety forever.

So after crushing my own anxiety, becoming an anti-anxiety blogger, publishing two anti-anxiety eBooks, earning a Master’s in psychology, and helping thousands of people across the world, how can I help YOU?

I Can Connect What You Know to How You Want to Feel

Right now there’s a big difference between the facts you’ve memorized about abnormal anxiety and the things you tell yourself when you’re anxious. You don’t believe any of the things you say to calm yourself. You don’t trust that you’ll be OK when you’re in the terrifying embrace of anxiety.

This, of course, isn’t your fault. Abnormal anxiety lies, distorts, and magnifies the negative. And it does all that really well. But you can do a lot to lift the spell. You can get your life back.

Now I’m Going to Ask You the $6,563 Question. Why Do You Stay Stuck?

Why Are You Stuck?You lack a good support system. Getting your hands on awesome information is only part of the solution. Thing is, most people with anxiety are surrounded by people that aren’t anxious. Most folks you know may not ‘Get it.’ That sets the stage for misunderstanding, isolation, and even relationship difficulties.

And that’s not the only problem. You’re also stuck because…

  • You don’t practice what you learn
  • You spend too much time looking for information
  • You focus on information that doesn’t help

The good news is that this pattern is correctable.

Let’s Get Straight to the Point

Learning how to fix your anxiety problem is simple. But if you skip steps you won’t internalize what you need to know. If you want everything about your life to change, you have to, you must, take these three steps:

  • Learn the ‘right’ information
  • Relax your body
  • Accept your fears

I’m not offering false hope, one-off tricks, or gimmicks. What I offer is a realistic solution to your anxiety problem. All you need to bring is the intent to get better, then good things will happen.

Here’s a Look into the ‘System’

To help you achieve your goal of being anxiety free I’ve developed a members only website.

eBooksThe site is called AG Members. At my blog I’ve provided hundreds of articles and podcasts designed to educate and inspire. The AG Members site does this and much more. As a member you’ll receive access to…

  • Brand new podcasts
  • Never before seen videos
  • Screencast presentations
  • Private forum

And that’s just the start. You’ll also have FREE access to both of my eBooks, How to Stop Anxious Thinking and The Big Idea. Both eBooks are accompanied by audio versions, which can be listened to on any device that can play mp3 files.

These two eBooks layout the foundation of how I got better. They go into easy to understand details about how anxiety works and exactly how you can overcome it too.

AG Members Site Structure

The AG Members site contains two modules that transform the best content from both eBooks into more entertaining formats, like video and screencast presentations. Added to this already powerful content are new ways of eliminating abnormal anxiety that I’ve never shared before. There’s even a third module that highlights content requested direct from members.

Plus, the entire site is private. This means that you need a username and password to enter. AG Members is private because the truth is that most people don’t want others to know that they struggle with anxiety. Whether that’s because of concerns related to employment, family, or whatever. Therefore, if you’re not a member you don’t get in. Period.

This creates a safe environment to learn and share openly. It grants you access not just to the information you need, but also the support that’s hard to come by online, or anywhere else for that matter.

That’s Not All…

Members also get access to my new coaching service. Unlike therapy, coaching is future based. Coaching isn’t about opening old wounds, personal trauma, or pathology. It’s about helping you develop a plan of action and providing you with the support you need to carry out that plan.

This is your chance to get ‘one on one’ with me. Whether it’s on the phone, or through Skype, you’ll have a chance to connect with me like never before. This is a golden opportunity to learn and bolster your chance of success. This service is only available to members. (Please note that coaching is a separate/paid service).

What I’m Going to do For You

Becoming a member is a real no-brainer. You get access to world class information, peer support, and privacy.These are all things that are hard to find all in one place. Usually you have to search for good information over a long period of time, which makes it likely that you’ll forget everything you learned along the way, and worst of all, means that you’ll never use what you learned.

And you have to do all that on the web, which isn’t exactly the best place to maintain your privacy when you’re relying on open websites and forums. AG Members changes that.

Becoming a member also means that you’ll be able to…

  • Start crushing your anxiety in minutes
  • Learn lifelong skills to defeat stress and fear
  • Have an opportunity to join a community of people just like you

Being anxious and isolated is no way to live your life. It creates a breeding ground for false ideas, new fears, and self-doubt. Break the cycle today. You don’t have to sit and hope for the best anymore. Take matters into your own hands and create change.

Here’s the Deal

You get access to what has taken me more than a decade to create. After 10 years of suffering with anxiety, four years of research and blogging, and two years of graduate study, you get the end result. You can’t buy experience like that, but you can learn a lot from it. And don’t forget that AG Members isn’t just about what I know. It’s also about YOU and other members like yourself who have valuable knowledge, skills, and experience. You can have it all for a one time payment.

For a Limited Time Only, the Membership Fee Will Be Slashed to a Mere $29.

I hope you’re thinking “That’s it?’ Seriously, a tank of gas costs more than that. My goal has always been to help people first. That’s why all proceeds go to the continued research and development of my site in an effort to help anxiety sufferers like yourself. I hope that this unbelievable price encourages you to take this opportunity seriously. And better yet… I’m prepared to give you a full guarantee.


My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe in what I do. So when you become a member you’ll also receive a risk free money back guarantee. If you feel that being an AG member is not for you, simply email me for a full refund – no questions asked.

This is a golden opportunity to get rock solid information and the support you need to move forward with your life. Stop hoping for a miracle. The solution to your anxiety problem is right in front of you! Take control of your life and become an AG Member today.

Becoming an AG Member is Quick and Easy.

Just click the “GET INSTANT ACCESS” button below to be taken to Paypal’s secure payment page. After you complete payment you’ll be sent to a registration page where you can setup your username and password.

Then you’ll be granted immediate access to information that will actually CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Why take action NOW? Because you don’t want to look back 5 years from now and regret that you’re still afraid to live your life on your own terms.

It’s your turn to be anxiety-free. This is your chance to stop the symptoms, worry, high stress, and everything else that you’ve been fighting with for so long. I hope that you’re ready to say goodbye to abnormal anxiety. Are you ready to be ANXIETY-FREE?

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